We believe that your dedicated product updates page should feel like an extension of your brand, and as such, you have the ability to manage the themes and layout configuration of your hosted LaunchNotes page to match your branding and give your customers a more seamless experience.

On all subscription tiers, you'll have the ability to host your own logo and favicon on your page, and also select the display density (Compact, Normal or Comfortable), and Design Themes, which allows you to pick from a series of preset color themes. These settings can be found under the Look & Feel tab, under the Project Settings tab.

💡 Check out our article on Design Themes for more information on this.

Below is a breakdown of which additional themes and customization options are available at each subscription tier:


  • Custom Email branding* (soon to be released)


  • CSS Customization: Full control over the CSS customization of your LaunchNotes page

  • Design customizations: Full control over the color palette of your LaunchNotes page


  • CSS & HTML Customization: Full control over the look and feel of your LaunchNotes page. Check out our help article on this with a detailed walkthrough of this here: Layout Customization

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