Views allow you to create unique custom views of the releases on your account. It acts like a customizable filter for releases that you can use to organize releases, or to create unique views for a subset of internal or external users.

Views are defined by using categories and completion statuses. With a view, you have the ability to include these on your hosted LaunchNotes page or keep them for internal use only.

🔍 For more information on categories, check out our help article on categories here.

In order to create a view, go to project settings on the nav bar, then views > create view, then you can select the following details to make the view:

  • View name

  • Categories

  • Status criteria (e.g. In planning, in development, complete)

On this page, you'll also be able to see the slug for to access this view via the API, and also a toggle for whether you'd like this view to be displayed on your public page.

💡 Tip: You must be an admin in order to create project views.

Watch the video below for a quick overview on creating project views.

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