The Slack integration pipes all of your LaunchNotes releases, notes, and public announcements into Slack via the LaunchNotes app. With the integration you and your users can:

• Stay in the loop from the convenience of Slack

• Discuss release updates with your team

• Fine tune and segment your subscriptions by category

Setting up the Slack integration

To install the LaunchNotes Slack app, go to My Notifications on your lefthand navbar in LaunchNotes. Then, under Slack Subscription, select the Add to Slack button. You’ll then be redirected to verify your workspace with Slack by entering your Slack URL. Once complete, you’ll be returned back to the My Notifications tab in your LaunchNotes account. Under Slack Subscription heading you’ll now be able to select the categories you’d like to receive updates for.

💡 Tip: The default setting for your Slack subscription is “All categories”.

Discuss updates with your team

All release updates and notes for the categories you’ve chosen will be piped into the LaunchNotes app on your Slack workspace. Each update will include:

  • Post author

  • Type of post (i.e. new release creation, internal note, public post)

  • Release name

  • Release categories

  • Release status

  • A Go to release button

  • A Discuss button

If you want to discuss a release or update further with an individual colleague or team, select the Discuss button and a window will open asking you to select where you’d like to begin your discussion (either an individual channel or group channel). At this time you can also add any additional content that you’d like.

Public Slack Subscribers

Your public subscribers can also subscribe to your project via Slack, however they’ll only be able to receive notifications for publicly published releases and updates.

Once a public subscriber has verified their email address, they’ll be able to add their slack subscription to get public updates on your release. Public subscribers can also discuss public updates with their own internal teams.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of the LaunchNotes Slack integration:

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