Release articles are the "finished article" for your major releases or product changes. They close the loop on big releases with a full-length, rich text document. The WYSIWYG editor powering articles has everything you need to format, add images, preview/publish and more.

When should you use a release article?

We suggest using articles for describing bigger changes that may need a little more explanation, or announcing exciting new features with supporting images and videos.

You can use a release article externally by publishing it to your public page, or keep it unpublished for internal announcements.

Public release articles provide all the necessary details to your users on what you've shipped, why, and how they can begin getting the most out of it.

Unpublished (or internal) release articles can be used to communicate major updates with full context to enable your internal teams - these might include Loom walkthroughs for your sales teams with in-depth insights from engineering or sales management, or a step by step guide on whats changed for your customer support teams for bug fixes

Whats the difference between a release articles and a release?

Releases are one of the building blocks of your LaunchNotes project and hold all of the information that your users need to be aware of for any upcoming changes so that they know what to expect.

💡 You can read up more on Releases here.

Release articles sit 'on top' of your releases and are optional to use. The article editor allows you to draft and save a rich text document that can be published when you are ready to share. You can also:

  • Use the grid system to build custom layouts for your content

  • Embed html, allowing you to embed Youtube & Loom videos and just about anything else that comes to mind

  • Create custom buttons for rich call to actions

  • Autosave while typing

  • Access a host of formatting options through the easy to use formatting toolbar

Where do you find release articles?

Release articles sit within your release on the right hand nav bar.

Clicking into the + Add an article button will take you to the Release Article window and pull the Release name, description and categories into your article. You'll see the formatting toolbar beneath which you can start to customize the layout and filling out your article.

Other things to note here are the article status - whether or not it's visible on your public page, and the Preview button, which you can use to see what this would look like if/when published.

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