Categories are labels you create and apply to each LaunchNotes release. Adding categories not only helps you organize and segment your releases, but also provides granularity to anyone interested in subscribing to receive updates on a specific category that may interest them or impact their workstream. Categories are completely customizable and are designed to map to the needs of any business or org structure.

When you create your release, you can associate it to one or multiple categories that release will impact.

How do I create a new Category?

Categories can be created, updated, and modified by project admins and stakeholders, and are found under the Categories tab on the project nav bar.

Select the + create category button on the top right and you’ll be prompted to give your new category a name and description, as well as to pick an associated color for the tag. Different colors help easily identify each category in your release stream or change feed.

💡 Tip: You can add multiple categories to a release if that release is going to impact (or is related to) more than one team, feature, workstream etc.

How do I add or remove a Category to an existing release?

If you need to add or remove categories on an existing release, this can be done by going to your Releases tab and then selecting the ✏️ icon on the release. This will bring up the Edit release panel, where categories can then easily be added or removed in the drop-down.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of Categories:

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