We are removing internal workflows and Releases within LaunchNotes. There are 3 major themes:

  1. LaunchNotes will be redesigned for public, external communication only

  2. Internal functionality will be removed

  3. "Announcements" and "Roadmaps" will replace "Releases"

LaunchNotes will be redesigned for public, external communication

The upcoming version of LaunchNotes will only support external communication on your public LaunchNotes page. This means removing current internal concepts (see below) and focusing on workflows and features that will make communication with your customers much more powerful.

Internal functionality will be removed

All internal functionality and workflows will cease to exist in the new version of LaunchNotes. If you are heavily using Internal only Releases, Internal notes, or stakeholders this impacts you. These concepts will not be available when the new version of LaunchNotes is live:

  • Internal releases

  • Internal notes

  • Stakeholder user types

  • Groups

Announcements and Roadmaps

Releases will be replaced by Announcements and Roadmaps. These are both public facing concepts designed to simplify and provide more control over your public launch communications.


Announcements will power your notification strategy in LaunchNotes. Create an Announcement when you want to notify and post something to your public LaunchNotes page. Use them for feature Launches, monthly round-ups, or any time you want to send a snapshot update.


Roadmaps help you communicate in progress work. Whenever you have a change you want to communicate ahead of time, create a Roadmap item and add it to your LaunchNotes page. Roadmap items hold a Status and all related Announcements so you can tease big launches and take the surprise out of change.

Important Milestones

These are the projected timelines for important migration events. Any change in timing will be communicated on the LaunchNotes public page.

Apr 1-15: Ability to opt in to the new LaunchNotes

Apr 19: Migration of your existing "in progress" Releases over to Roadmap

Apr 15-31: Final window for switching over to new LaunchNotes

Apr 31: Everyone is migrated to New LaunchNotes

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