Migrating to the new LaunchNotes

Your LaunchNotes experience will be changing as we introduce a brand new workflow. Read the details below on how this change affects you and your account.


In the new version of LaunchNotes your published completed Releases will be converted to Announcements. Below is a timeline summary of when you can expect this migration to occur for you:

  • Beta self opt-in period: Apr 1-15

  • Final migration: Apr 30

What is an announcement?

  • Announcements are replacing Releases as the new workflow for notifying subscribers and publishing to your LaunchNotes page.

What does the 'Migrate Releases to Announcements' button do?

  • This button will create Announcements using the data from your public completed Releases. This is a necessary step for you to start using the new system. Don't worry, this button doesn't overwrite or erase anything. It creates new Announcements while keeping your existing Releases so that when you're ready you can switch over to Announcements.

What does the 'Preview Announcements' button do?

  • You can click this button to preview how your Announcements look in the new system. Don't worry you still need to opt-in to use the new system. This is just a preview all you like.

What does the 'Opt in' toggle do?

  • When this toggle is turned on you are choosing to present Announcements (instead of Releases) on your public page. Turn this toggle ON when you are ready to start using the new Announcement system for your change communication moving forward.

If I toggle ON, can I go back?

  • Yes. We will be moving everyone over eventually, but for now you can freely opt in or out.

Can you show me a walkthrough on what to do?

  • coming soon!

How does this affect my public page subscribers?

  • Your page subscribers will experience no difference. We'll handle all redirects from old Releases and they will receive email or slack notifications in the new Announcement system as normal.

What if I use LaunchNotes for internal, private communication?

  • We will be introducing a new way to communicate internally within your team. Keep an eye on the LaunchNotes page for updates. Until then LaunchNotes will be a public, external communication tool..

What if I create new Releases before switching to the new system?

  • We will run a final migration for everyone on the final migration date. If you want to switch before then, just click the migrate button above and toggle on to opt-in when you're ready.

What is the conversion mapping of Releases to Announcements?






Announcement content followed by horizontal rule

Hero image

Hero image

Article contents


Current public updated at timestamp

Publish Date

What about my in progress published releases?

  • In progress published Releases will be converted into Roadmap items coming in Part 2 of the migration.

Who should start using beta?

  • If you're in a trial or not using LaunchNotes to communicate future work. i.e. you don't have any in-progress releases on your public page.

Who should NOT start using the new Announcement system?

  • If you have in progress Releases on your public page you should wait until we launch Roadmaps (below) or wait until your in progress Releases are complete. You should also not use the new system if you're using LaunchNotes for private internal communication.

Im ready to adopt the New LaunchNotes. What's the best way to do this?

  1. Click the button above to create Announcements from your existing completed public Releases

  2. Click the Preview Announcements button above to see how your Releases are migrated over to Announcements

  3. Sign in to app.launchnotes.com and make any modifications to your newly created Announcements if needed. Contact us if you need help.

  4. Once everything looks good come back to this page and click the toggle to 'Show Announcements on my public page'

  5. Once you've done the above you have committed to the new system and should sign in to app.launchnotes.com moving forward.

You can turn the toggle back OFF if you're not ready or something doesnt look quite as you expected.

Will I be required to use the New LaunchNotes?

  • Yes. We will no longer support the old version of LaunchNotes and Releases after the final migration date. You will have all the same tools you need to communicate change in the new system.

What if I don't do anything?

  • On the final migration date all of your public Releases will be converted to Announcements or Roadmap items for you. From that day forward when you log in you'll see the New LaunchNotes.

❓ For any questions, please get in touch with us via live chat

or at hey@launchnotes.io

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