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What are Categories?

Categories are labels or tags you can create and apply to each LaunchNotes Announcement. Adding categories helps you organize and segment your Announcements, and also provides granularity to anyone interested in subscribing to receive updates on a specific category on your LaunchNotes page that may interest them or impact their work-stream.

Categories are completely customizable and are designed to map to the needs of any business or org structure. When you create your Announcement, you can associate one or multiple categories to it, based on the work it will impact.

How to create a new Category

Categories can be created, updated, and modified under the Settings > Categories tab on the left side nav menu.

Select the + Create category (2) button on the top right and you’ll be prompted to give your Category a name and description, as well as to pick an associated color for the tag. Different colors help easily identify each category in your release stream or change feed.

💡 Tip: You can drag and drop the order of your Categories, which will reflect the order that they're shown in on your public page, as shown:

Adding Categories to Announcements

When you are creating a new Announcement, you can associate relevant Categories to this under Step 1 of the draft Announcement workflow, on the right-hand side table called Categories.

Select which Categories you'd like to associate to your Announcement on this table, and you'll see them populate under the Announcement heading. When you continue to Step 2 Choose customer channels in the publishing workflow, you'll see these Categories listed on the Notify Subscribers banner.

💡 For more information on Announcements, please visit the

Announcements help article.

How do I add or remove a Category from an existing Announcement?

If you need to add or remove categories on an existing Announcement and it hasn't been published, you can click into your draft Announcement under the Announcements tab on the LaunchNotes admin navbar and navigate to Step 1 Draft announcement, and there deselect the Categorie/s you wish to remove.

For a published Announcement, similarly, you can select the relevant published Announcement and remove the Categorie/s under the Content tab.

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